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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trading Ideas. Sapcres

Sapcres has made a nice bounce from its intermediate support of 2.26. Now if u miss the 2.26 bounce trade, there's possibility of round 2. Today Sapcres closed at 2.45 which is above the intermediate resistance of 2.43. Now, if it can stay above this level, the next intermediate resistance would be 2.50 and thereafter would be really sweet to see it crack 2.58...
Based on the daily there room for further upside? well...why not. The 5day MA has just made a crossover on the 20day MA. MACD has crossed over into +ve territory. Stochastics seems to be still on the rise and don't look overbought.

Lets backtrack a bit, from 30/12/2009 Sapcres has been making a slow steady decline until 09/02/2010 where it closed with a nice hammer candle. I would call that the 1st pivot in the 3 months time frame. It has gone on to form a 2nd higher low pivot on 05/03/2010.
Like I said earlier it would be real sweet for Sapcres to stay above the 2.43 level. However if it does pullback (remember the market is never wrong), the sweetness is still there as long as the pullback does not hit below 2.26.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trading Ideas. Quickie with LBS?

LBS. weekly, daily, 30 min & 5 min charts
Possible quickie with LBS?
Anticipating breakout from 0.775
with TIGHT stop @ 0.755
R1: 0.805
R2: 0.825 /0.83
Immediate short term support at around 0.725 & 0.715

Monday, March 1, 2010

Trading Ideas. EPMB

EPMB. weekly, daily & 3o min charts

First of all Happy belated 2010.
Procastination is a serious evil that negates frequent updates on this blog.
So...lets not procastinate anymore. :)

I'm sure u've read some bearish analyst reports on the KLCI in general. A well-known Maybank chartist/analyst has been bearish since more than 1 year ago.
Well, my 1-sen take is...the hell with bearish analysts & reports (with all due respect). If the market do eventually become bearish, then lets look for the "bull within the bear".

The first trading idea post for 2010...

EPMB. Trading Ideas.
S1: 0.475
R1: 0.52
R2: 0.56
R3: 0.59
R4 : 0.62

1. Rising stochs, Daily MA crossover?, slow rising MACD
2. Dali (of Malaysia-Finance Blogspot) has written a good piece on why he likes EPMB in early January 2010.
3. EPMB has been making some quick runs from mid-December 2009 right up to mid-January 2010. Since then it has been on a retracement path & seems to be forming a new (higher) base at the moment.
Is EPMB due for another quick run?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Trading Ideas. Leader

Leader. 30 mins & daily charts
Higher support base seems to forming at 0.79/0.80
S: 0.79
R1: 0.85
R2: 0.95

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trading Ideas. Hexza

Hexza. 30 min charts & daily charts.
Possible Pennant / Triangle breakout?
S1 : 0.575
S2 : 0.560/0.565
Rising stochs. Higher lows. Only lack of volume NOW.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trading Ideas. WCT

WCT 30 mins, daily & weekly charts
Bounce to test 2.820?
S1 : 2.60
S2 : 2.51
R1 : 2.82
R2 : 3.20
R3 : 3.30

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Trading Ideas. KUB update

KUB. 30 min & daily charts
Possible Pennant pattern breakout? :)
... note the declining volume during pennant formation

Trading Ideas. Saag

Saag 30 min & daily charts
Possible Flag pattern breakout? :)
... notice the dip in volume during the flag formation

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trading Ideas. KUB

KUB. 30 min, daily & weekly charts
S1 : 0.505
S2 : 0.475
R1 : 0.535
R2 : 0.590
R3 : 0.64/0.65